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Lunenburg, MA


About Law Office of Louis J. Franco

Founded by Louis J. Franco in 1994, the Law Office of Louis J. Franco has offices in Lunenburg, Massachusetts and Boston. We are dedicated exclusively to providing expert Patent and Trademark related legal services and counseling. The firm welcomes clients from all over the United States and abroad and represents a local, national and international clientele ranging in scope from individuals to large, multinational corporations.

In order to provide the personalized and quality level of service for which we are known, we rely on a small core of professionals well versed in intellectual property law and highly proficient in various technical disciplines. Accordingly, the clients we represent are engaged in numerous fields of innovation and product development including, but not limited to, common consumer products, machinery, hand and power tools, optics, spectroscopy, semi-conductors, mechanics, chemical compositions and processes, aerospace, material handling, agriculture, medicine, dentistry, telecommunications, defense assets and computer software.


Louis J. Franco